Why Service Techs Love FleetLogic

The Mobile App That Makes Their Job Easier

As the field team you are on the road most of your work day. Tired of keeping track of paperwork, you need a solution that will keep you out of the office and focused on getting the job done right.

FleetLogic is designed to make your time easier by eliminating all the annoyances you associate with paperwork by getting rid of the paper.

What Service Techs Are Loving Most

Getting Home Sooner

How often do you hear a co-worker say; my favorite part about this job is the paperwork? Never… That is because you like to work with your hands, not stand around taking notes. FleetLogic is a mobile app that lets you complete work orders in the time that it would take you to find a pen. When you are saving that kind of time on each job, you’re day can easily be half an hour shorter.

Less Trips to the Office

All the work for the day shows up in the app with all the details for each job. Saved a trip to the office in the morning. Then after a job work orders are submitted back to the office from the app with the click of a button, there is no need to deliver them.  Another trip to the office that doesn’t need to happen.

Once it's Done, it's Done

With paper work orders there is always someone from the office nagging you for clarification on notes you wrote last week.With FleetLogic, the office staff wont need to pester you with questions anymore. With digital work orders you can focus on the job in front of you, instead of the jobs behind you.

Detailed Work Orders in Seconds

Seconds? That can’t be right. On average service techs were spending between 2 and 10 minutes filling out paper inspection sheets. Now they are able to complete their inspections in half the time.

How do they save that time?

  • Voice-to-Text Dictation: Instead of writing down the short version, just speak and the app will write out all the comments.
  • Toggle Button Check Lists: Never look for a pen again. Simply swipe through checklists, one button at time.
  • Instant Access to Parts Catalogue: It is easy to properly record all the parts used when a full list of parts is available with options to scan part bar codes, search by part name, or by part number.