Why Owners & Branch Mangers Love FleetLogic

The Boost In Efficiency Their Team Needed To Grow Their Business

As the owners and managers of service businesses, being able to reliably win jobs, maintain customer relationships, and grow revenue are crucial to your success.

FleetLogic empowers your team to improve the customer experience, save costs, and increase productivity.

What Owners & Branch Managers Are Loving Most

Big Savings On Costs

Paper consume a large portion of your revenue. Starting with printing costs, paper and ink are used at an alarming rate. Add the multiple hours of wasted labor each week that are lost to manually processing paperwork and you discover a serious drain on revenue.

FleetLogic eliminates paper work orders entirely and automates all the data entry that used to tie up your office staff for countless hours at a time.

Growing Revenue Without Growing Headcount

It is common for business that are growing to tack on extra staff to manage the extra workload. Getting more out of your current staff means that you can successfully grow your business without having to over hire.

Team Works More Efficiently

FleetLogic is designed to improve productivity in each vital role on a service team.

Dispatchers are able to co-ordinate your techs more effectively

Techs have more accurate information to work with on job sites

Office staff are able to approve work orders minutes after they are complete and start billing the customer right away

 Get Paid Faster

Do you want to get paid for jobs completed quicker? Of course, but the billing process  is drowning in paperwork that slows down incoming revenue. FleetLogic allows you to get paid faster by streamlining the billing cycle.

How it works:

Dispatchers assign work orders to techs

Work orders appear in the techs FleetLogic mobile app right away

Techs complete the digital work order and submit it on the spot

Inspection forms, notes, photos, and customer signatures are back to the office hours, days, or even weeks sooner

Office Staff instantly have access to all the information to invoice customers

No need to re-enter data

When dealing with digital documents, everything is available right away. Because fast does not involve waiting. Invoices can be sent before the tech even gets back to office!