Adaptable to better serve your specific service industry
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Equipment Service

From service calls to scheduled maintenance, your team needs to show up with the details to do the jobs and have the capability to report on it. In the time it takes to find a pen, all the job information can be exchanged between the customer site and the office. FleetLogic helps them to stay connected from anywhere.

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With FleetLogic your HVAC team is going to be able to record parts used more accurately, capture images of gas tickets, labor hours, and so much more in one document. Keeping all your information together in an easily retrievable digital format that can’t be lost or damaged.

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Locksmiths need to be responsive, potential customers are often looking for the fastest solution and jobs are won based on response time. Being able to accurately tell a customers that your closest locksmith is “5 minutes away” from them will win more jobs than, “I will have someone there as soon as I can.”

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Pest Control

Don’t tie up your team with paperwork, keep them on the hunt with a fast paced mobile solution. Leverage the advanced dispatching view and quality of information shared to keep your team a step ahead of the critters and the competitors.

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Flood Restoration

Are you Flooded with paperwork? FleetLogic will help you better manage a lighter work flow by plugging the leaks in the system; paper work orders, manual data entry, lengthy billing cycle. Once patched up your team will have more time to focus on getting jobs done and creating an even more enjoyable user experience.

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Speciality Contractors

From the trades to maids, there are a large variety of professionals that work with field teams. Responding to customer requests, servicing customer needs, and tracking it all on paper. FleetLogic was designed with you in mind, with a desire to help you get away from the tedious manual processes of paperwork. Having a smarter workflow allows you to work harder in the field.