Ghostbusting Software

Lift the curse of unmanageable paperwork from your business

After a long day of saving citizens from all kinds of paranormal disturbances, the Ghost Expungers team doesn’t want to spend hours catching up on paperwork.

Since a lot of their work orders get lost in hell portals, covered in specter slime, or torn apart by ragging wing demons, keeping good service records was next to impossible.FleetLogic manages your work orders digitally, out of reach from sneaky specters.

Top FleetLogic Benefits For Ghostbusting Companies

Fully equipped for the job

Have you ever got to a job site only to realize that you’re all out of hex vex? Now your customers house if being overrun with grimy ghouls because you couldn’t fix the problem in time… With FleetLogic, technicians can track parts and place P.O’s from the field, making sure their truck is always fully loaded to take on whatever paranormal manifestation they might find.

Reassign Work Quickly

The rookie got sucked into another dimension? That’s the third one this month, now you have to reassign all his jobs to new tech’s. Luckily with FleetLogic reassigning jobs is only a click away.

Providing Customers With Reliable Service

When a customer calls they’re probably stressed, or possessed… Either way, you want to be able to tell them that your technician is on the way to rescue them, because “sometime between 12 and 4” is not what they want to hear when a succubus has moved into their living room. When you leverage the full visibility of FleetLogic you take the guesswork out of dealing with customers and can work with them to get them the assistance they need, when they need it.