Free Webinar to Learn About First Time Fix Rates

After searching around the web, we discovered that there are not a lot of people talking in depth about this important service metric.  In this webinar we plan to change that. Opening the conversation by providing you with an overview of what it is, how to use it, as well as sharing some best practices that are not available anywhere else.

Some specifics we cover include:

  • How To Calculate Your FTF Rate
  • Strategies To Improve Your Operations
  • The Implications Of Revisiting Job Sites

Watch the recording at

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Over the past few months, we ran some informational webinars about different parts of the rental business, and how to get more out of your software applications.

Since we had such a great response to these webinars, we have decided to hold more of these on an ongoing basis.  To make sure that the topics you would like to learn about are covered, please complete the survey below.  Feel free to share this survey with other members of your team that may also be interested in learning more.

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