Equipment Service Software

Discover how you can better service your customers equipment with work order management software

The FleetLogic team has been troubleshooting the workflow of equipment service teams to develop a solution that enhances the experience of each member of your team. From service techs and dispatchers, to managers and owners, FleetLogic provides unique benefits to everyone that simplifies their role while improving the overall workflow of the team.

Top FleetLogic Benefits For Equipment Service Companies

Team Availability & Location

As a responsive industry, being able to quickly assess where your team is and what they are working on can make all the difference. FleetLogic empowers your team to better react to customer needs through real time team visibility and reassignment features.

Asset History

Service details are tracked and updated each time work is completed on an asset. The information is then automatically available on any future work orders for the same asset.

Inventory Control

Tracking parts used and updating inventory can be a nightmare. With FleetLogic parts used in the field can be input by scanning the bar code, entering the part number, or searching by part name. Once entered, your inventory is automatically updated in your system. Meaning no more head aches trying to keep the records straight.

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