Why Dispatcher & Service Managers Love FleetLogic

Assign a work order, receive the completed work order, and invoice the customer all in the same day.

You co-ordinate a service team. So you getting field teams where they need to be, when they need to be there can be a difficult task. If relying on phone calls and sticky notes just doesn’t cut it anymore then you are just like Tim. Watch Tim’s FleetLogic story to find out how Tim solved his paper problems!

How does it work? FleetLogic provides Tim with new layers of visibility and interaction when dispatching. That way Tim has a more responsive workflow that makes everyone’s job simpler while enhancing his customers experience.

What Dispatchers Are Loving Most

Tracking Their Field Team In Real Time

From the FleetLogic web dashboard you view individual tech locations and individual work order statuses. All work orders that have been created are have visible statuses that may be sorted by category; unassigned, assigned, in progress, complete. By adding this level of visibility, you are able to make more informed decisions when immediate action is required.

Reassign Work Quickly

You are the firefighter of your team. When a situation needs to be dealt with immediately FleetLogic allows you to react. In a few clicks a work order can be reassigned from one tech to another. It takes less time to do than it would to dial a single phone number.

Providing Customers With Reliable Feedback

When a customer calls give them accurate information the first time so that they are not calling you back angry later. When you leverage the full visibility of FleetLogic you take the guess work out of dealing with customers.