Work Order Management Software For Service Teams

Because you need the speed, precision, and accountability that paper can't deliver
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Digital Dispatching

Quickly dispatch your team in a matter of clicks. With full team visibility, assigning work to the right members of your team is simple.

Team Unity

With a system in place to keep everyone in sync; from the office to the field, nothing is overlooked, misplaced, or lost. FleetLogic helps you maintain a quick, clean, and entirely paperless information loop.

Mobile Work Orders

Teams in the field complete work orders from their mobile devices. Capturing all the job details, inspections, and customer signatures in one document.


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Discover all the benefits that your team gets when they embrace mobile work orders!

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Why Service Teams Love FleetLogic

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As The Manager

Having my team work efficiently is key to the performance of my business. Being able to grow my business without having to hire additional staff allows our team to maximize our profits.

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As The Field Team

With FleetLogic I always show up to the job with all the information I need. Now I don’t need to make multiple trips to the same site to do work I wasn’t aware needed to be done the first time.

Female dispatcher icon with a headset and clipboard

As The Office Staff

Customers would get really frustrated when they would call me and I would put them on hold for up to 15 minutes at a time. FleetLogic gives me the tools I need to help customers on the spot and keep them happy.

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FleetLogic Mobile

The FleetLogic Mobile app is optimized for your service team. With customized inspection forms to meet your business practices the app is designed to entirely replace the need for paper work orders. Specifically focused on helping service technicians capture more accurate information quicker than a paper format. Allowing them to focus on doing the work rather than reporting on it.


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FleetLogic Dashboard


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